{‘roid week} day two

Here are my submissions for day two of ‘Roid week. You can see day one here

father & son


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The first shot was made with my Polaroid Colorpack II and Fuji FP-100c film on June 26, 2012 at Manzanita beach. The second shot was taken in early spring, february or march, in NW Portland with my Polaroid Spectra and expired Polaroid Softtone film.

{‘roid week} day one

‘Roid week (as in POLAroid week) is one of my favorite times on flickr! It’s an explosion of instant photography, really great instant photography. Folks are really stepping up their game and they save their best shots for this one week because we only get to post two photos each day M-F to the pool.

Here are my submissions for today:

the pacific ocean

neahkahnie mountain

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Both shots were made with my Polaroid Colorpack II and Fuji FP-100c film on June 25, 2012 at neahkahnie lookout off of hwy 101.

lost lake

over memorial day weekend, we (Cal, me, my older brother Tyson, and his wife Emily) decided to kick off the summer right with an impromptu camping trip. we decided to go to wahtum lake but got two miles away and came across a huge snowdrift. there was now way we were making it through that, especially considering a guy with a 4WD truck was stuck. Cal and Ty help the guy get unstuck and then we headed back the way we came. we had seen signs for Lost Lake on our way up so we decided to take the back way there.

We got lost a couple of time, taking different logging roads then came across another huge snow drift… geez… not having much luck. we headed back and found the correct way to Lost Lake. so after about three hours (it was supposed to be two) and a lot of windy roads we found ourself at a lake and we got our camping on!

this was my first time to lost lake and i have to tell you, while it was very cold, it was also very very beautiful. the lake is surrounded by old growth trees. the ground is actually make up of dead old growth trees. they just let them fall and decay and they become a rather cushy forest floor.

you know me… i always come prepared with many cameras. this trip i brought three and my phone. these photos are taken with my phone and later in the post, with my dslr. i really like the photos i got with my dslr. a reminder to use it more this summer. these two below i haven’t got the film back yet but i will… soon! i can’t wait!

anyway… back to the trip. that evening, after setting up camp, we went for along the lake. isn’t this path gorgeous. this alone makes me want to go back. it goes on and on and on…

oh and we had to make a trip to the lost lake store for some firewood and came across this adorable scene.

before we left, Cal and I bought fishing licenses… you know, just in case. we brought all the necessary tools to do the job too. so the next morning, after a very cold night, we decided to give it a go.

i adore morning fog and clear clean lakes. we had a great time and started catching fish fairly quickly.

within an hour and a half, we caught 9 (!) fish. it was a lot of fun.

Cal got to work cleaning them up. He’s quite handy. :-D

this was the stream he cleaned them in. isn’t it lovely?

Norah, my brother’s dog, was very excited to see us fishing.

Isn’t she adorable?

Nothing better then catching your breakfast. We ate like kings and queens.

It was a great time. It’s amazing what you can fit in during just one overnight camping trip. It really felt like we got away. I am really excited for this summer and our future adventures. I hope to share more of them with you here.

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a fresh start

i love new years day!

it always feels so bright, so optimistic, so new and fresh.

we started this year at the coast. Seaside—again—just like last year, yet so different.

Cal and I decided Astoria was more scenic… therefore, better for photography. What else would I have in mind on the sunny, first day of the year beside photography?

I mean… you have to start it off right… right?

We ended up climbing the Astoria column. It was a first for me. It was quite gorgeous. You could see all of Astoria from up there. 164 steps up in the sky.

And I had two awesome photo assistants. Cal gave me a boost to take a couple shots that weren’t easy for a woman of my stature (Hey! I’m only 4’11”, folks. The best shots are sometimes above my head!) and his son, Josh, excitedly peeled all of these apart for me.

Once the sun set, we headed home. Oh 2012, you started perfectly!

These shots were taken with my Polaroid 101 using Fuji Peel-apart film. You can see a few more shots from this adventure that I took with my Mamiya here and here.

Happy friday, friends!

out and about in nevada

Just over a week ago, I visited Nevada for a special occasion… here are some scenes from my visit. I have a special post coming soon that I am still working on about a specific town which we spent most of our time in.

The above photos are from Reno where we spent two nights… one on the way in and one on the way out. The town was more fun than I remembered and we got some great deals on hotel rooms but they got it back in our gambling losses. For the record, I didn’t play slots… slots are mindless… I played the Blackjack tables. It was really fun! Some of the best food we had on the trip was in Reno. Side note—did you know that you aren’t allowed to take photos at the tables in casinos… weird, huh?

The photos below are all from our adventures in western Nevada or what I like to call the wilds of Nevada. It was prettier than I remembered.

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