sunshine and petals

lan su chinese garden

lan su chinese garden

lan su chinese garden

Just a couple of photos I took last spring at the Lan Su Chinese Garden / Nikon D5300 / Lensbaby

carpe diem

i’m learning more and more every day to appreciate the present. this is one of the things that I have always enjoyed about shooting film.

come back to bed

i’ve gotten away from shooting and sharing film these last few years. i am coming back to it, back to this space, and back to flickr. 

baby steps. here we go. rise and shine, world.

mamiya c33 / kodak ektar 100 / spring 2014 / home

happy national cat day!

this long neglected space has been in desperate need of an update. what better day to start than national cat day?

here is the story of my beloved cat and her surroundings on a pleasant spring day.












mamiya c33 | kodak ektar 100 | developed by citizen’s photo | scanned by me

more soon!

the peony farm

Last week, I took at trip to Adelmen Garden Peony Paradise (!!!) with three talented lady friends: Jessica, Linnea, and Chelsea. It was such a gorgeous day in an equally gorgeous place.

I only took my digital camera (I’ve decided I need to hone my digital skills) and my mamiya. I promise to share the film shots later. I decided to play around with VSCO film (digital emulsion) for these, another thing I am getting familiar with.


So enjoy this wander into the fields. Oh peonies, you so pretty.














I hope you are having a great week!

a little springtime walk

during mid april and early may, we had some damn great weather here in portland.

if you know much about our weather, you know that we are blessed with a lot of rain, (almost) all the time. so weeks of sun are rare, awesome, and also, a bit worrisome. if you have been playing attention to the weather patterns over the years, you may have noticed things, they are a-changin. and not just in portland. all over the world. i believe that global warming is much more than a figment of anyones imagination. i believe it is happening here and now. so i get concerned when we get too much sun in what is usually one of the rainier seasons we have. but at the same time, not much i can do about it when it happens other than get out and enjoy it.

and so i do. here’s a handful of images from a sunny spring time walk, on my way to meet some friends. i did not even bring a jacket, it was around 80 degrees out!







i hope you are having a lovely wednesday. thanks for visiting.

cherry tree delight

Last weekend, I spent an impromptu sunday evening wandering among the cherry trees along the waterfront. After being sick all weekend, it was nice to get out and take some shots. I took a few other cameras along for the ride but so far, these are my favorites.

april 1

I made these images with my Colorpack II & Fuji FP-100 film. Instant film is always so much fun.

it’s petal time, people.

i haven’t done a non-365 blog post here in a while. i’ve been posting on flickr still but i feel like i am neglecting this space and i don’t like it.

inspired by my friend, jeremy… here are a couple more spring, petal power shots. i can’t stop taking photos of flowers. it’s like a sickness. a really pleasant sickness. haha!

this town is always green… it’s either grass or moss. luckily, green is always an inspiring color to see.

the sun has started coming out more and more… i can’t help but point my camera upward. with all these blooming trees, add blue skies and sunshine. i think i’m in heaven. and i am so glad for the break in the rain. it’s been outta control, people.

falling softly

i hope you are soaking up this spring time love.
don’t forget to gander at all the new life around you.

it’s everywhere.

march 23

august thirtieth

A few months ago, I got together with some awesome flickr friends of mine and visited the Enchanted Forest in search of some photographic opportunities and some quality geek out time. It’s so fun to get together with folks that have the same passion as you do. Whatever your passion, I hope you find like-minded people to share it with cause it’s really doesn’t get better than that.

The day was rainy and overcast. We found the Forest to be a bit odd and sad. It’s an unusual place cause it recreated a lot of Disneyesque fairy tales without the actual characters. Like the seven dwarfs all had slightly different names due to Disney’s copyright. Some parts of it were fairly run down but some held up ok.

I visited there as a child and loved it. It’s amazing how my perspective of the Enchanted Forest change from child to adult. To experience something, as an adult, that you held in your mind as a glorious place, as a child, means it looses a bit of it’s luster.

Still, it was fun. The rides were great, the photo ops were all around. What more could we ask for?

Enchanted Forest | June 18, 2011
Olympus OM-2n + 50mm 1.8 lens | Kodak Max 400

. . . . .

Check out a new Words to Shoot By post! I love being a part of that project.

august twenty-fourth

Remember Spring? It was lovely, wasn’t it? I was quite smitten with the blooming Cherry trees down along the waterfront this year.

This is another post I started a long time ago but never got around to posting. They are actually saving me a bit during this month of daily posts. It’s nice to have some almost ready to go!


The lab messed up this roll of film. They “fogged” it and refunded my developing costs. I actually like it. It looks a bit dreamy to me.




Have a lovely Wednesday!

august ninth

These are some shots taken with my dear little Balda Juwella on this trip to see my mom. Photos from the this camera always seem like they are from the era that the camera was created (1933). I really enjoy seeing what I get. I think these shots feel like they are from an alien planet or out of a dream or maybe an old wild west film. What do you think?

Somewhere in the middle of Nevada | May 6 & 7, 2011

Balda Juwella | Kodak Tri-X 400