out and about in nevada

Just over a week ago, I visited Nevada for a special occasion… here are some scenes from my visit. I have a special post coming soon that I am still working on about a specific town which we spent most of our time in.

The above photos are from Reno where we spent two nights… one on the way in and one on the way out. The town was more fun than I remembered and we got some great deals on hotel rooms but they got it back in our gambling losses. For the record, I didn’t play slots… slots are mindless… I played the Blackjack tables. It was really fun! Some of the best food we had on the trip was in Reno. Side note—did you know that you aren’t allowed to take photos at the tables in casinos… weird, huh?

The photos below are all from our adventures in western Nevada or what I like to call the wilds of Nevada. It was prettier than I remembered.

Thanks for visiting. I’ll see you again here later this week!