sunshine and petals

lan su chinese garden

lan su chinese garden

lan su chinese garden

Just a couple of photos I took last spring at the Lan Su Chinese Garden / Nikon D5300 / Lensbaby

circles and lines

september 15 / after work, on my way home

this last month, i’ve been carrying around my digital camera most days. i try to bring it with me everyday but somedays i just don’t feel like it and that’s ok. the overall goal is to capture my everyday life again and to learn my camera better. i’ve tried 3 times to do a 365 and it’s just not my thing. i need time away from the camera to appreciate it. i need to take pleasure in it and to not feel like it’s a requirement. when i was doing a 365, somedays i would resent the project and feel uninspired. i don’t want to resent photography. it’s such a gift to me to view the world through these lovely tools and i want to keep finding the magic in it.

i find if i put a lot of controls or requirements in my life, i get angry at those things. i know if i start to resent something, it isn’t working for me. that’s when it’s time to find a different way to do things. this is something i’ve learned to accept within myself, like an internal barometer. i also know there is always another way to get where i want to go. as i grow and learn, i get better and quicker at finding ways around myself.

canon 50d / 28mm lens

happy national cat day!

this long neglected space has been in desperate need of an update. what better day to start than national cat day?

here is the story of my beloved cat and her surroundings on a pleasant spring day.












mamiya c33 | kodak ektar 100 | developed by citizen’s photo | scanned by me

more soon!

a little springtime walk

during mid april and early may, we had some damn great weather here in portland.

if you know much about our weather, you know that we are blessed with a lot of rain, (almost) all the time. so weeks of sun are rare, awesome, and also, a bit worrisome. if you have been playing attention to the weather patterns over the years, you may have noticed things, they are a-changin. and not just in portland. all over the world. i believe that global warming is much more than a figment of anyones imagination. i believe it is happening here and now. so i get concerned when we get too much sun in what is usually one of the rainier seasons we have. but at the same time, not much i can do about it when it happens other than get out and enjoy it.

and so i do. here’s a handful of images from a sunny spring time walk, on my way to meet some friends. i did not even bring a jacket, it was around 80 degrees out!







i hope you are having a lovely wednesday. thanks for visiting.

the portland tram

Back during spring break, Cal, Josh & I went for a ride on the Portland tram. It was the first time for all of us. It was fun, an little excursion. I had also never been to OHSU’s campus on the hill before, it’s really beautiful up there. We were blessed with a gorgeous sunny day in March.

Here are a couple images I made along the way with my Polaroid Spectra and some Impossible Project PZ680 film.



See you next week!

thinking ahead

Hi y’all. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my future, vocationally.

I’ve decided that the thing that makes me the most happy to do is photography. Lately I have been challenging myself to shoot more people because I know that if I am going to be serious about getting into photography as a business that I need to strengthen my portrait photography. However, I have always been drawn to candids. Documentary style photography is much more my forte, no matter the subject–people/landscape/whatever. I would much rather photograph what is happening around me than contrive a story for the camera. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just not my thang.

So who better to practice on than family, right? We had a impromptu BBQ last weekend, due to some also very impromptu gorgeous 75 degree weather. Surprisingly with little notice, my closest family members were all able to make it! Quite a treat. Here’s what I documented that evening:











Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I’m up to. I’ve decided that this place doesn’t get enough love so starting today I will post weekly… every Wednesday!

See you next week!
xo, Vanessa

a new appreciation

I’ve been looking through my photos a lot lately because I recently saved all my film photos to my phone. I am really enjoying having them all in my hand. It’s also making blogging easier.

These photos are from mid-January, and initially I thought them to be too dark, too boring. Now, here in almost October, I’m finally seeing their beauty.








Have you looked in your archives lately? I bet there are some jems in there.

behind the scenes

one of the perks of being a graphic designer (well, i consider it one) is being able to get behind the scenes at a print shop. i shot these photos back in april when we did a tour for my work. i always meant to share them here so since i am trying to catch up on my 366 that i post to flickr… why not post the rest of them here too?

this is looking inside the digital press… i loved seeing all the ink.

april 11

a digital press is a rather complex machine…

this is a bigger, more standard press…

so much paper. i love the smell and feel of it.

binder waste… fun to see it in action.

they had a letterpress on hand too. so cool!

the light was a bit low so i had a hard time with theses, hence a bit of blur here and there. i wanted to take so many more photos but felt a bit conspicuous with my big camera.

All photos here were shot with my Mamiya C33 on April 10, 2012.

meet my newest muse

A couple of weekends ago, I bought one of my dream cameras (yes, there are many).

I have been pining over this camera for at least the last year. I had no plans on buying it yet. I thought at some point in the future… yes, definitely… but!… a random reviewing of craigslist lead to the purchase.

The Hasselblad 500 c/m is a gorgeous camera. I am really having fun with it. I thought I would share my whole first test roll with you here, in sequential order. This roll solidified my decision to buy it. I love the way it captures light. And oh that ektar! Always a joy to shoot.

more from my test roll


August 8

The first photo was made with my iPhone 4s using the Hipstamatic app on August 11, 2012. The rest of the images here were made with my Hasselblad 500 c/m using Kodak Ektar 100 film on August 8, 2012.

Have a wonderful weekend!

week 14 :: project 366

you can click-through to see notes about each photo & day.
all were taken with my mamiya c33 unless noted.

sunday, april 1: {polaroid colorpack II} among the cherry trees
april 1

monday, april 2: blooms everywhere
april 2

tuesday, april 3: {polaroid colorpack II} a trip to the post office
april 3

wednesday, april 4: {polaroid spectra} a nice scene on my way home
april 4

thursday, april 5: {olympus om-2n} bbq for lunch
april 5

friday, april 6: {instagram} hmmm… can’t remember which film shot goes here
april 6

saturday, april 7: a walk around the neighborhood on a sunny saturday
april 7

week 13 :: project 366

you can click-through to see notes about each photo & day.
all were taken with my mamiya c33 unless noted.

sunday, march 25: refreshing!
march 25

monday, march 26: {polaroid colorpack II} a gorgeous lunchtime in the sun
march 26

tuesday, march 27: {canon 30D} dinner at la carretta
march 27

wednesday, march 28: {canon 30D} more blooming trees
march 28

thursday, march 29: a evening with my ladies
march 29

friday, march 30: a sick day :-(
march 30

saturday, march 31: an early dinner
march 31