carpe diem

i’m learning more and more every day to appreciate the present. this is one of the things that I have always enjoyed about shooting film.

come back to bed

i’ve gotten away from shooting and sharing film these last few years. i am coming back to it, back to this space, and back to flickr. 

baby steps. here we go. rise and shine, world.

mamiya c33 / kodak ektar 100 / spring 2014 / home

the portland tram

Back during spring break, Cal, Josh & I went for a ride on the Portland tram. It was the first time for all of us. It was fun, an little excursion. I had also never been to OHSU’s campus on the hill before, it’s really beautiful up there. We were blessed with a gorgeous sunny day in March.

Here are a couple images I made along the way with my Polaroid Spectra and some Impossible Project PZ680 film.



See you next week!

putting the sun in sunday

i took these all last sunday.

you see, i had heard that morning that my twin baby nephew’s had just been born. i wasn’t able to go visit them until the next day so i decided to head out and enjoy the january sunshine.

one hour later, one phone call with my other sister-in-law (we gushed about the babies, anxious to meet our sweet new nephews), and a roll of ektar 100 later, i headed home.

i was happy with myself for seizing the moment and enjoying the sun on that chilly afternoon.

this first one is my new car! i love it.

it was still frosty out, even at 2:30 p.m.




can you believe all this sunshine? in january? amazing.



the frost, however, is very timely. it IS january after all.


i just spent this evening, scanning these babies on my new scanner. not sure i did as good as the lab but oh well. it’s fun to see the images come to life this way and to have such control.

i hope your sunday night is just as lovely as mine. see you next week!

january 20, 2013 // mamiya c33 // 55mm lens // kodak ektar 100 // pushed to 400

meet my newest muse

A couple of weekends ago, I bought one of my dream cameras (yes, there are many).

I have been pining over this camera for at least the last year. I had no plans on buying it yet. I thought at some point in the future… yes, definitely… but!… a random reviewing of craigslist lead to the purchase.

The Hasselblad 500 c/m is a gorgeous camera. I am really having fun with it. I thought I would share my whole first test roll with you here, in sequential order. This roll solidified my decision to buy it. I love the way it captures light. And oh that ektar! Always a joy to shoot.

more from my test roll


August 8

The first photo was made with my iPhone 4s using the Hipstamatic app on August 11, 2012. The rest of the images here were made with my Hasselblad 500 c/m using Kodak Ektar 100 film on August 8, 2012.

Have a wonderful weekend!

it’s petal time, people.

i haven’t done a non-365 blog post here in a while. i’ve been posting on flickr still but i feel like i am neglecting this space and i don’t like it.

inspired by my friend, jeremy… here are a couple more spring, petal power shots. i can’t stop taking photos of flowers. it’s like a sickness. a really pleasant sickness. haha!

this town is always green… it’s either grass or moss. luckily, green is always an inspiring color to see.

the sun has started coming out more and more… i can’t help but point my camera upward. with all these blooming trees, add blue skies and sunshine. i think i’m in heaven. and i am so glad for the break in the rain. it’s been outta control, people.

falling softly

i hope you are soaking up this spring time love.
don’t forget to gander at all the new life around you.

it’s everywhere.

march 23

day unto night

Here are more sights from last weekend …

… with summer trees and burrito guides …

… beer sign reflections and chocolate chip ice cream cookies …

… games with friends (hi colleen!)  …

… and, of course, twinkly lights!

one mississippi…

Let’s relive the weekend, shall we? Last friday night, I went to couple of pretty rad spots on N. Mississippi.

First up, ¿Por Que No?! Yes!

I spotted this sweet sign on the way to our next spot.

Next up, Amnesia Brewing for their delicious beer and awesome patio. Perfection for the waning days of summer.

See you back here tomorrow for another adventure.