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People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.
―Iris Murdoch

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photographs made during a wander around Astoria in earlier this month | canon 30d | 28mm

instant vacation

Today we are heading off to Idaho on vacation. We are very excited. I myself have never been to Idaho so I can’t wait to see what it looks like a photograph it like crazy.

In honor of this next adventure and in the spirit of the recent ‘roid week, I thought I would share the rest of my instant photos from my last vacation back in June to the Oregon coast. These were all taken around Nehalem Bay State Park and Kelly’s Brighton Marina with my Polaroid Colorpack II and Fujifilm FP-100c peel apart film.

I’ve got one more post planned for this week so check back! :-D


friday bits

happy friday, folks! I hope you have a lovely summer weekend!

Here are three photos from a trip I took to the coast in early June. { photos made with my Olympus OM-2n 35mm film camera }

Here are three fun things that I hope you enjoy!

. . .


I just started running again using THE COUCH-TO-5K® RUNNING PLAN. I am really enjoying it. It’s a really reasonable plan, just 30 minutes/3 times a week. It’s tough at times but really wonderful too. I love pushing myself, working up a sweat, and the time alone. We have had really beautiful weather lately so that has helped too. I like to get up a little earlier than usual and enjoying that morning light and coolness. If you are looking for a way to get back into working out and don’t mind running, I recommend you give this plan a try.


I love reading. In my early twenties, I took MAX (Portland’s light rail) to work everyday and I loved having that time to read. Here is an awesome (and growing) collection of photos of people reading on the NYC subways. It’s always fun to see what other people are reading :: UNDERGROUND NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY.


Have you seen THE HERRIOTT GRACE FILM? It’s a beautiful short film (~30 minutes) about the story of a father-daughter relationship behind the small business of Herriott Grace. It’s beautifully filmed and a touching story.

. . .

See you again soon! If you got a minute, please say hi in the comments. I love hearing from my blog visitors! Do you like these kind of posts? Should I keep doing them or just stick to my photo stories? Thanks for visiting.

a fresh start

i love new years day!

it always feels so bright, so optimistic, so new and fresh.

we started this year at the coast. Seaside—again—just like last year, yet so different.

Cal and I decided Astoria was more scenic… therefore, better for photography. What else would I have in mind on the sunny, first day of the year beside photography?

I mean… you have to start it off right… right?

We ended up climbing the Astoria column. It was a first for me. It was quite gorgeous. You could see all of Astoria from up there. 164 steps up in the sky.

And I had two awesome photo assistants. Cal gave me a boost to take a couple shots that weren’t easy for a woman of my stature (Hey! I’m only 4’11”, folks. The best shots are sometimes above my head!) and his son, Josh, excitedly peeled all of these apart for me.

Once the sun set, we headed home. Oh 2012, you started perfectly!

These shots were taken with my Polaroid 101 using Fuji Peel-apart film. You can see a few more shots from this adventure that I took with my Mamiya here and here.

Happy friday, friends!

beach walk

When Cal & I were in Lincoln City, we didn’t spend too much time on the beach cause the house we stayed in was so cozy. We did do a short evening walk where I only took my iPhone cause it was so dark. So before we left, we took a really quick trip to the beach… to take pictures, to listen to the ocean, to breathe in that wonderful salty air before we headed back inland. I’m so glad we took the time even if it was rushed. I can never get enough of the ocean, there is something capitvating about it.

You may have seen a couple of these shots recently before over on Words to Shoot By.

Thanks for coming along with us today. Happy friday!

I see stars

On Labor Day, Cal and I spent a little bit of time exploring the Florence Jetty.

It was an overcast day but not cold.

We love to explore places together and talk about what we see. Sometimes he helps me see more than I normally would. I am an overly cautious person (I really don’t like getting physically hurt) and a bit of a scaredy cat and he is thrilled by adventure and unafraid of getting hurt. It’s kind of perfect actually, we watch out for each other in totally different ways.

So I, of course, initally protested all the rock hopping and climbing that he wanted to do but he patiently coaxed me into it all.

As we got closer to the beach we noticed that the jetty was a rather happy place for a lot of sealife.

I have never seen so many starfish in my life. Seriously.

Everytime I visit the coast, I make sure to get in at least one visit to the beach. It seems ridiculous since we spent three full days only about a mile from a place like this. There is always so much to do at the coast that you have to make a point to get up close and personal with the ocean.

But it’s always worth it.

and then the fog moved in

When I drove into Newport last saturday, it was a gorgeously clear and sunny afternoon. It was hot even! Here was the view from the balcony of the house we stayed in. Awesome, huh?

The next morning, it was all fogged in. It was like a different place. I took two photos of the exact same view to show you the difference.

the bridge, all socked in

the foggy bay

I didn’t leave Newport until around 2 PM and the fog followed me all the way back to Florence. I’l share those photos in a couple days.

I get to go see my best friend get married today. It’s going to be a gorgeous day.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend. I’m soaking up this heat cause it will be sweater time before we know it!