Autumn is my muse. I’m enthralled with it every single day. I can’t help but capture it. It’s a film of transition, a lesson in life. Constantly inconsistent. Just when you get comfortable, everything changes. Nature says, don’t stand still… keep going… aging… evolving, like the tide of a river.

setting intentions

things I’m practicing this month

more boot camp  (2-3 days a week, adding this to my 1-2 days of weightlifting)

30 days of yoga

meditation, twice a week

tracking my food and water intake

self-gratitude for my body and abilities

nablopomo with personal daily photos


7:00 woke and packed clothes for the day / 7:30 exercised at fit body boot camp / 9:00 went to work at nunm / 17:00 therapy appt / 18:15 visited dispensary and gas station / 19:00 home / 19:30 yoga / 20:00 ate dinner / 20:45 partially voted (turns out it’s going to be a two-night deal) / 22:15 made breakfast and packed my clothes for tomorrow / 22:45 showered / 23:00 in bed, writing this blogpost

23:45 good night, gracie

whew, what a productive day!

november one 

It’s interesting how we circle around the same places and patterns throughout our lives. We are constantly seeking comfort even when it’s only temporary and sometimes even detrimental.

The push to get out of my comfort zone is always a challenge. It’s usually worth it in the long run but I still seek out the comforting beauty of these routines. And I can’t escape them ever. Because we are all connected, by place and people.

Home is a more complex word than you’d expect. And it’s often not just one place. The pieces are all around. I cling to each little bit.


I was going to do a nice thanksgiving post over the last weekend but I just haven’t been able to get in that mindset. Don’t get me wrong—I am grateful for my life, my friends, my art, my family and so on… basically, I’m a really lucky girl. I just don’t feel like listing and labeling it all out right now.

Frankly, the last couple of weeks have been tumultuous for me and my family and I don’t have words for it yet.

I guess the truth is this place has never really been about words. It’s time for me to accept that and be thankful for it.

tis the season

Food has been taking over my photography lately.

Frankly, it’s getting ridiculous. Then I realized that it was pretty appropriate considering the time of year. So… here is my ode to food!

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.
George Bernard Shaw

I’ll be back tomorrow to share some things I am thankful for. See you then.