circles and lines

september 15 / after work, on my way home

this last month, i’ve been carrying around my digital camera most days. i try to bring it with me everyday but somedays i just don’t feel like it and that’s ok. the overall goal is to capture my everyday life again and to learn my camera better. i’ve tried 3 times to do a 365 and it’s just not my thing. i need time away from the camera to appreciate it. i need to take pleasure in it and to not feel like it’s a requirement. when i was doing a 365, somedays i would resent the project and feel uninspired. i don’t want to resent photography. it’s such a gift to me to view the world through these lovely tools and i want to keep finding the magic in it.

i find if i put a lot of controls or requirements in my life, i get angry at those things. i know if i start to resent something, it isn’t working for me. that’s when it’s time to find a different way to do things. this is something i’ve learned to accept within myself, like an internal barometer. i also know there is always another way to get where i want to go. as i grow and learn, i get better and quicker at finding ways around myself.

canon 50d / 28mm lens

january fourth

this is my third roll through the mamiya and i shot 11 out of the 12 in a roll in one day. i just could. not. stop.

this camera is so awesome. the detail! the light! the bokeh! my only wish is that it was lighter but hey, that’s not bad for my one and only complaint (ok, well… a built-in light meter would be nice too).

it’s a joy to shoot with. it was really hard to choose my 366 shot for the day.

i’m still not sure i choose the right one.


These last three were taken at 2nd Story, one of my favorite restaurants in my neighborhood. Do check it out if you are in inner SE. The food, drinks, and service are amazing. You won’t be disappointed.