week one :: project 366

Hello friends and loved ones,

After mulling it over for a few weeks, I decided to embark on a photo a day project this year. I’ve attempted it twice before and failed. The first time was an iPhone 365 in 2009: I ran out of steam in April. The second time, it was a digital 365 for 2010, which turned into film at some point but i ended up leaving out a lot of days along the way.

So! This year, it’s getting real. I am making it happen. I am all about film so the bulk of it will be that but I will use digital if I need or want to. No limits to it, just a photo a day. I got my new-to-me Mamiya and I’m in love all over again.

I will be posting my weekly results here. And after that, I will share my outtakes. Film requires more time than digital so I shoot about 5 days or more in a roll then have to get it developed. My point is it will not be posted the day I take it or even the week I take it but does that really matter?

It’s about capturing this little moments and saving them. Each week we are here to celebrate seven special moments or scenes. And some of their counterparts… you know, the unlucky, unchosen ones. I still love them, they just didn’t make the cut.

So off we go! Let’s get this party started! Woo-hoo!

January 1: We started the day at Seaside. We ended up in Astoria, climbing the Astoria Tower. It was one of those gloriously sunny winter days. You can’t beat that!

january 1

January 2: It was a lazy day where we stayed inside for most of it then braved the elements for dinner at Fire on the Mountain. Which was awesome… and I took photos of it but none of them came out… as in the film was totally blank. So weird. Luckily I took one instagram shot of my evening tea. Whew! It’s too early to mess up the project already! Abe to the rescue.

January 2

January 3: Back to work! Luckily, I ended up having lunch with Debbie, so all was well.

january 3

January 4: What a full day. After having lunch to celebrate my awesome co-worker‘s birthday, I did a photo walk on my way back. I saw so many scenes that I shot off most of the roll. Goodness, I love this camera (my Mamiya C33, thanks to my boyfriend, Cal! The best Christmas present ever!). That evening we went to my favorite restaurant, 2nd Story, and I shot a few more shots there. Bliss!

january 4

January 5: The key to making it through winter (for the 365) is to shoot during the day… lunch time is important. It was a busy day at work so a quick sneak out did the job.

january 5

January 6: This first friday of the new year, I had a lunch date with the ever amazing Kim Smith-Miller. This woman is an inspiration to me. I feel so lucky to call her my friend. So we had a fun-filled lunch with lots of food, cameras, and film-geekery mixed in there. Time always flies way too fast with us.

january 6

January 7: I took a couple photos with my 35mm Olympus for this day but I’m not happy with them and… I think I have a couple more still undeveloped (in the roll in my camera) so we are gonna let the iPhone take this one. We have a fun night with my Dad and his girlfriend at Hopworks. This is one of my favorite photos from the night. Sometimes, it’s more about the emotional content of the photograph than the composition. Diane is pretty awesome. I am glad to know her and have her in my mine and my father’s life.

So there you have it. The first week of my new year. Woo-hoo! Go 2012!