beach walk

When Cal & I were in Lincoln City, we didn’t spend too much time on the beach cause the house we stayed in was so cozy. We did do a short evening walk where I only took my iPhone cause it was so dark. So before we left, we took a really quick trip to the beach… to take pictures, to listen to the ocean, to breathe in that wonderful salty air before we headed back inland. I’m so glad we took the time even if it was rushed. I can never get enough of the ocean, there is something capitvating about it.

You may have seen a couple of these shots recently before over on Words to Shoot By.

Thanks for coming along with us today. Happy friday!


About a month ago, Cal and I took a weekend trip to the coast with some friends. In the yard behind the house we stayed in was an enormous hydrangea plant. I couldn’t help myself, I had to shoot it. I used every camera I brought (which was about five), but I am just sharing the film photos today.

Here are a couple other scenes from the yard. It’s a lovely, relaxing place. We had a nice time there.

I hope your week is going well.


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