it’s tulip time!

hey there.

let’s get back to film shots, shall we? i just realized my last two posts were digital photography, which don’t get me wrong, is totally awesome. but film has my heart. i prefer to shoot it, but i can shoot any camera really {I mean that in the least conceded way possible}.

a couple weeks ago i spent an evening at the wooden shoe tulip festival with a couple of my very talented photo friends (katie and danielle). it was a gorgeous night, but also very chilly. i am so glad i went. the light was ah-mazing! it was so cold it took most of the ride home for me to warm up again.

today i am sharing my instant photos from that evening. i took some 35mm and some hassy shots too but we will save those for another time. it’s good to stretch out the tulip bounty a bit, it’s just so much pretty. and it’s good to save a bit of color for the dreary days. {in Oregon, there are always dreary days ahead}

*before you go on, may I ask one favor? Each photo, please pause and give them a second. Give them your full attention for that second. Don’t just scroll through. Really look at them. Think of it like a museum exhibit. Thank you for visiting. And for giving each images it’s due.*


the wood bordered shots above are the impossible project PX680 american woods edition made with my polaroid 600 // the shots in-between them are fujifilm peel apart film FP-100c made with my hasselblad 500c/m.


these last four were made with the impossible project PX70 and my sx-70. this was with the film dial set to the middle. i was a bit disappointed at first cause they are so washed out but i’ve learned to love them. 


they are more like paintings of what the tulip fields would look like in a dream.

this last shot here… definitely a fave. 

thanks for visiting. see you again next week.

instant vacation

Today we are heading off to Idaho on vacation. We are very excited. I myself have never been to Idaho so I can’t wait to see what it looks like a photograph it like crazy.

In honor of this next adventure and in the spirit of the recent ‘roid week, I thought I would share the rest of my instant photos from my last vacation back in June to the Oregon coast. These were all taken around Nehalem Bay State Park and Kelly’s Brighton Marina with my Polaroid Colorpack II and Fujifilm FP-100c peel apart film.

I’ve got one more post planned for this week so check back! :-D


{‘roid week} day five

Here are my submissions for day five of ‘Roid week. You can see day one here, day two here, day three here, and day four here.



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Both shots were made with my Polaroid Colorpack II using Fuji FP-100c film. The first shot was made in late-June in Nelahem Bay after a big crabbing adventure. The second shot was made about mid-April along the Springwater Corridor.

Goodbye, ‘roid week! I loved you and can’t wait until next year to do it all again. In the meantime, I think I am gonna post more of these instants here on my blog soon. Most of these have many more photos that go with them so you will likely see them again but with more of a story. I have been so inspired by this week. I can’t wait to get out and shoot more creatively for next year.

I also love that my new blog theme lets my photos be a lot larger. If possible, expand your browser and enjoy a grander view of my photos. They are set for 800px wide now. Not too shabby.

See ya next week! I got more in store for this space then.

{‘roid week} day four

Here are my submissions for day four of ‘Roid week. You can see day one here, day two here, day three here.

good morning

boats on the willamette river

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The first shot was made with my Polaroid Spectra and expired Polaroid Softtone film on April 25, 2012 at the Ace Hotel in Downtown Portland. The second shot was taken about a week earlier along the Springwater Corridor with my Polaroid Colorpack II and Fuji FP-100c film.

{‘roid week} day three

Here are my submissions for day three of ‘Roid week. You can see day one here, day two here.

i love a good tulip festival

my favorite flowers

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The both shots were made with my Polaroid Colorpack II and Fuji FP-100c film in late-May at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon.

{‘roid week} day two

Here are my submissions for day two of ‘Roid week. You can see day one here

father & son


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The first shot was made with my Polaroid Colorpack II and Fuji FP-100c film on June 26, 2012 at Manzanita beach. The second shot was taken in early spring, february or march, in NW Portland with my Polaroid Spectra and expired Polaroid Softtone film.

{‘roid week} day one

‘Roid week (as in POLAroid week) is one of my favorite times on flickr! It’s an explosion of instant photography, really great instant photography. Folks are really stepping up their game and they save their best shots for this one week because we only get to post two photos each day M-F to the pool.

Here are my submissions for today:

the pacific ocean

neahkahnie mountain

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See ya back here again tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by.

Both shots were made with my Polaroid Colorpack II and Fuji FP-100c film on June 25, 2012 at neahkahnie lookout off of hwy 101.

april 4 {366}

I am backlogged on my 366 project.

Mainly because there are a handful of days (and growing) where one photo doesn’t sum it up. A series of photos does… so that means I need to write some blog posts. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging. But I love the idea of it more than the reality. Blogging takes time… I can’t just post a picture and run (that’s what Flickr is for). I need (and want) to tell a story. It may be a primarily visual story but still, it should almost always have some words to go with it. Then there is the downsizing of photos… it’s just hard to fit this stuff in. I’m not complaining… I’m sure many of you go through this same thing. I guess I just wanted to talk about the nitty-gritty of it all. And maybe offer up an excuse for my absence. I probably don’t need one. I could probably just post and run, right?

I guess this is a snippet of my internal tug-a-war, really.

Anyway, let’s get on to the pretty pictures, shall we?

These were my top two photo choices for April 4. I remember feeling a giddiness this afternoon leaving work… cause I took the following day off during the week just for myself. I had a bunch of errands to take care of but it still felt like a treat. The chance to sleep in on an odd thursday… total luxury.

april 4

I just started shooting Spectra this year and I have to say I really love it. I have been lucky to find a handful of old Polaroid softtone film and I am really having fun with it.

In the end, I chose the top photo because I feel like I take too many flower photos in my 366. It needs some more variety… I am sure it will evolve over the year but right now… my photos are very flower heavy. Understandably, I think since it IS spring right now.

More soon! Have a lovely day!

cherry tree delight

Last weekend, I spent an impromptu sunday evening wandering among the cherry trees along the waterfront. After being sick all weekend, it was nice to get out and take some shots. I took a few other cameras along for the ride but so far, these are my favorites.

april 1

I made these images with my Colorpack II & Fuji FP-100 film. Instant film is always so much fun.


I love black & white film. It makes any modern-day photo look like it’s from a different era. Every time I shoot it I wonder why I don’t shoot with it more often. I think this winter will hold many more moments with this specific film.

Happy friday, folks! Have a lovely weekend. October has been a whirlwind for me. Hoping things slow down a bit in November.

Detroit Dam | October 25, 2011 | Polaroid Colorpack II | FP-3000B

august thirty-first

Wow! I can’t believe it’s over already. Bye, bye, August Break. I’m impressed with myself for posting every day! It’s been really fun and challenging. Thank you everyone for visiting and for each and every one of your lovely comments.

August, you were a great month. I’m sad to see you go.

It only seems right that I share a couple of my favorite instant shots from last weekend at Timothy Lake.

This last one… it’s a winner. I was so stoked when I peeled it and found that I caught Josh mid-air. Awesome sauce!

See you all in September. :-)

Timothy Lake | August 26-27, 2011 | Polaroid Colorpack II | FP100-c

august twenty-seventh

I am probably doing or seeing something like this right now. You can imagine a huge smile on my face and many more photos being taken.

I hope you too are having a lovely weekend.

Quartzville creek | August 6, 2011 | Polaroid Colorpack II | FP-100c