let ‘er buck!

Hi friends!

Long time no blog. I guess I needed a break, an unexpected one. Nothing happened really, I just haven’t feel like posting. But let’s put that behind us now, shall we? Let’s get back to the picture show. I promised rodeo shots and I’m here to deliver.

Have you heard of the Pendleton Round-up? It’s actually a bit of a historical Oregon tradition. It’s been happening yearly for a 101 years. Pretty amazing, huh? This is the West, after all, and it’s still a bit Wild. (Dorky, I know. I couldn’t help myself!)

They had a parade before things got started. Aren’t these old wagons great?

And off we go! Check out the colorful starting pens.

Occasionally, a horse got loose and things had to stop until they got it under control again.

That’s Ms. Rodeo Oregon. I liked her hat!

The people-watching was just as entertaining as the rodeo.

This was my first time. The weather was amazing. Warm and sunny the whole time. Could not have asked for better weather.

I shot a roll of B&W while I was there. So this rodeo tour ain’t over yet, cowboys and girls. See you again soon. Thanks for visiting!

(this is my 101st post! whoa!)