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on sharing

The funny thing about blogging is the questioning of the practice. I question that I have anything to share… to which I realize we all have something to share. To live is to share, right? We are taught it early… share, share, share. But as you age, you become self-conscious of what you share. You question everything, right down to the space and resources you use up to exist, and thereby your necessity or joy to share.


I’m tired of questioning things… I want to do more. I would rather write more, share too much, let my light shine, honor my existence than to keep shrinking back. I’ve been thinking about my online presence lately. Some parts of it are old, some I do a better job of updating but at times I neglect it all.

I’ve decided that’s all just fine. Life is a constant ebb and flow. If I want to share, I will. If I want to just be, I will. If I want to polish it all up, I’ll do that too. And if I want to keep it close, to not share… I will honor that too.

It’s all a journey, right? We can only ever share bits of it anyway. So much of it is inside of us, so much of it never gets out. I’m going to just embrace my light, photographically—of course.

I’ve also realized recently that I’ve always struggled with perfectionism related to my work and my creativity. One of the reasons I’ve loved film so much over the years is that it’s easier for me to let go of the perfect shot with film. Imperfection is more alluring with film. I found this quote recently and it helps: “Only things are perfect which are imperfect because it tells a story. It has a life.”



six years ago

I’ve had this blog for 6 years. I was initially very active but over the years, I lost my steam. This month is the first time I have posted in over a year. The last three years, it’s been rather quiet here. Continue reading six years ago

in the kitchen

i’m getting back to shooting and cooking regularly. it feel good and right. i’m more and more at home with myself lately. learning to really love yourself is such a lifelong journey.

hello out there.

carpe diem

i’m learning more and more every day to appreciate the present. this is one of the things that I have always enjoyed about shooting film.

come back to bed

i’ve gotten away from shooting and sharing film these last few years. i am coming back to it, back to this space, and back to flickr. 

baby steps. here we go. rise and shine, world.

mamiya c33 / kodak ektar 100 / spring 2014 / home


hey friends,

i just got a scanner at home so i thought i would share a couple of instant photos that i took this morning (and a few of their iPhone counterparts).
these flowers at my kitchen table were my muse.

this morning
i hope you are having a lovely week.




i will share more words here soon. but not tonight. i just wanted to say hello and wish you well.

1: polaroid 101 with fp-100c // 2+3: polaroid spectra with TIP PZ600 UV+ // 4+5: iPhone 4s with vscocam

the crackle and the warmth

November 18 was our first fire in our fireplace. I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear it, see it, and smell it but even more so to feel it.
I grew up in houses that had fireplaces, my parents were quite fond of them. Heck, it was a christmas morning tradition. But as an adult, I haven’t thought much about having one. This apartment that we moved into in June just happens to have one. We love it. We have actually rearranged our living room since this occasion just so we can see the fire while sitting on the couch and watching TV. It’s so much more pleasant than commercial breaks…

{‘roid week} day five

Here are my submissions for day five of ‘Roid week. You can see day one here, day two here, day three here, and day four here.



Check out the ‘roid week pool here and day five’s favorites here.

Both shots were made with my Polaroid Colorpack II using Fuji FP-100c film. The first shot was made in late-June in Nelahem Bay after a big crabbing adventure. The second shot was made about mid-April along the Springwater Corridor.

Goodbye, ‘roid week! I loved you and can’t wait until next year to do it all again. In the meantime, I think I am gonna post more of these instants here on my blog soon. Most of these have many more photos that go with them so you will likely see them again but with more of a story. I have been so inspired by this week. I can’t wait to get out and shoot more creatively for next year.

I also love that my new blog theme lets my photos be a lot larger. If possible, expand your browser and enjoy a grander view of my photos. They are set for 800px wide now. Not too shabby.

See ya next week! I got more in store for this space then.