on sharing

The funny thing about blogging is the questioning of the practice. I question that I have anything to share… to which I realize we all have something to share. To live is to share, right? We are taught it early… share, share, share. But as you age, you become self-conscious of what you share. You question everything, right down to the space and resources you use up to exist, and thereby your necessity or joy to share.


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tiny beautiful things

_MG_7194_MG_7182_MG_7192_MG_7189_MG_7183 _MG_7186

People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.
―Iris Murdoch

_MG_7226 _MG_7227_MG_7234_MG_7235 _MG_7238

photographs made during a wander around Astoria in earlier this month | canon 30d | 28mm

sunshine and petals

lan su chinese garden

lan su chinese garden

lan su chinese garden

Just a couple of photos I took last spring at the Lan Su Chinese Garden / Nikon D5300 / Lensbaby

happy national cat day!

this long neglected space has been in desperate need of an update. what better day to start than national cat day?

here is the story of my beloved cat and her surroundings on a pleasant spring day.












mamiya c33 | kodak ektar 100 | developed by citizen’s photo | scanned by me

more soon!

the peony farm

Last week, I took at trip to Adelmen Garden Peony Paradise (!!!) with three talented lady friends: Jessica, Linnea, and Chelsea. It was such a gorgeous day in an equally gorgeous place.

I only took my digital camera (I’ve decided I need to hone my digital skills) and my mamiya. I promise to share the film shots later. I decided to play around with VSCO film (digital emulsion) for these, another thing I am getting familiar with.


So enjoy this wander into the fields. Oh peonies, you so pretty.














I hope you are having a great week!


hey friends,

i just got a scanner at home so i thought i would share a couple of instant photos that i took this morning (and a few of their iPhone counterparts).
these flowers at my kitchen table were my muse.

this morning
i hope you are having a lovely week.




i will share more words here soon. but not tonight. i just wanted to say hello and wish you well.

1: polaroid 101 with fp-100c // 2+3: polaroid spectra with TIP PZ600 UV+ // 4+5: iPhone 4s with vscocam


About a month ago, Cal and I took a weekend trip to the coast with some friends. In the yard behind the house we stayed in was an enormous hydrangea plant. I couldn’t help myself, I had to shoot it. I used every camera I brought (which was about five), but I am just sharing the film photos today.

Here are a couple other scenes from the yard. It’s a lovely, relaxing place. We had a nice time there.

I hope your week is going well.


There is a new roll of doubles up over here (part one, part two). Go check ’em out and let us know what you think. We always love to hear what your favorites are.

happy friday!

According to some of my flickr friends, Friday is when you post fence photos. Monday you post bench photos (preferably with you standing on it). I normally don’t go by any schedule. I just post what I feel like but I was playing around in my archives last night and I stumbled upon some fence photos. They’re pretty cheerful, so why not? Happy Fence Friday, folks.

Got any fun plans this weekend? I’m doing happy hour tonight, a wedding tomorrow and a family reunion on Sunday. It’s a full life, I tell you. Have a great day, folks!