NYC, initial musings


Large. Diverse. Work in progress. So many details. So much everything. Vibrant. More than I can contain with words. Wow. Speechless. Love.



People hang out in the streets. Like pull a chair out and sit on the sidewalk for hours or just stand in a corner or sit on a stoop. Every place outside is a public place.

People are beautiful. They also wear a fair amount of sweat pants. Everybody has an iPhone, in their hand.

Manhatten is twice as expensive to eat and drink in than Brooklyn. Brooklyn feels like Portland but with more brownstones and people of color. I love the diversity here, it’s so refreshing.

Most of the coffee here is from Portland or Seattle. (Starbucks is disgustingly everywhere, ew!)

It feels like there are fewer homeless people here than Portland.



I’ve walked more this week than I have in a long time. It’s awesome and harder than I thought it would be. My tiny little legs…getting me 7-10 miles in a day.

I’m learning the subway system. So fun and fascinating!

I still feel like I’m on west coast time and I’ve been here for a week!

I have such a feeling of possibility before me.


. all photos taken with iPhone 6+ . first afternoon here . september 25, 2015 . edited using vscocam . #nessayayvacay .

liquid sunshine

last summer, we had four straight months with no rain. four straight months!

it was crazy, so unlike oregon. this year, we got a bit of summer showers but last year, nothing, nada, dry as a bone. so when that first rain finally came… woo-hoo! i was excited! i ran outside and started photographing it. what a gorgeous sight for this oregonian.

i was truly giddy. here is what i saw that day.















christmas morning

A few scenes from my christmas morning…

It was hands-down the most magical and memorable christmas i have ever had. I credit that primarily to my boyfriend, Cal, who truly spoiled me AND really got into the spirit with me this year. We had so much fun together.

I also got to see my older brother and his wife for the first time in about a year and a half. That is just too much time apart from family as dear as them. I treasure my brothers so very much. I feel lucky to be so close to them. I am grateful that I got a good shot of my younger brother (above) and his wife (she is the one admiring the tree in an earlier photo). They are so precious to me, it’s nice to capture them as I see them.

I know it’s a bit after the point to be sharing Christmas photos but I felt like I needed to cap off the season. I am excited for this new year we have embarked on. I hope you all had a lovely holiday and that you are as hopeful of the year ahead as I am.