august thirty-first

Wow! I can’t believe it’s over already. Bye, bye, August Break. I’m impressed with myself for posting every day! It’s been really fun and challenging. Thank you everyone for visiting and for each and every one of your lovely comments.

August, you were a great month. I’m sad to see you go.

It only seems right that I share a couple of my favorite instant shots from last weekend at Timothy Lake.

This last one… it’s a winner. I was so stoked when I peeled it and found that I caught Josh mid-air. Awesome sauce!

See you all in September. :-)

Timothy Lake | August 26-27, 2011 | Polaroid Colorpack II | FP100-c

august thirtieth

A few months ago, I got together with some awesome flickr friends of mine and visited the Enchanted Forest in search of some photographic opportunities and some quality geek out time. It’s so fun to get together with folks that have the same passion as you do. Whatever your passion, I hope you find like-minded people to share it with cause it’s really doesn’t get better than that.

The day was rainy and overcast. We found the Forest to be a bit odd and sad. It’s an unusual place cause it recreated a lot of Disneyesque fairy tales without the actual characters. Like the seven dwarfs all had slightly different names due to Disney’s copyright. Some parts of it were fairly run down but some held up ok.

I visited there as a child and loved it. It’s amazing how my perspective of the Enchanted Forest change from child to adult. To experience something, as an adult, that you held in your mind as a glorious place, as a child, means it looses a bit of it’s luster.

Still, it was fun. The rides were great, the photo ops were all around. What more could we ask for?

Enchanted Forest | June 18, 2011
Olympus OM-2n + 50mm 1.8 lens | Kodak Max 400

. . . . .

Check out a new Words to Shoot By post! I love being a part of that project.

august twenty-ninth

While at Timothy Lake this weekend, I had a bit of a photo session with a few ducks. I couldn’t resist and almost shot through a half of a roll without thinking. They were just too cute.

Timothy Lake | August 26, 2011

august twenty-eighth

Today Cal, Josh & I went for a small hike near Timothy Lake. Here are a few iPhone photos I took along the way.










We’re having a lovely Sunday. I hope you are too.

august twenty-seventh

I am probably doing or seeing something like this right now. You can imagine a huge smile on my face and many more photos being taken.

I hope you too are having a lovely weekend.

Quartzville creek | August 6, 2011 | Polaroid Colorpack II | FP-100c

august twenty-sixth

Happy friday, folks!

We’re getting back on the road for another weekend of camping. Yay!

And maybe lunch with a few bears? hehehe

Detroit, OR | August 7, 2011 | Olympus OM-2n

august twenty-fifth

Some peel-apart shots that I have taken recently near where I work. At least twice a week, I take a little wander with one of my cameras at some point during the day. Lately the Polaroid has been keeping me company.

Have a lovely thursday!

Around my work in NW Portland | August 2011 | Polaroid Colorpack II | FP-100c

august twenty-fourth

Remember Spring? It was lovely, wasn’t it? I was quite smitten with the blooming Cherry trees down along the waterfront this year.

This is another post I started a long time ago but never got around to posting. They are actually saving me a bit during this month of daily posts. It’s nice to have some almost ready to go!


The lab messed up this roll of film. They “fogged” it and refunded my developing costs. I actually like it. It looks a bit dreamy to me.




Have a lovely Wednesday!

august twenty-third

More dreaminess from the Balda Juwella. The focus always seems off… tricky tricky. I think the fact that it measures in metrics is messing me up. Damn Germans! (haha! just kidding!)

Oregon Coast | July 11, 2011 | Balda Juwella | Kodak Ektar 100

august twenty-second

Hello friends!

So another week begins. Sigh. Monday’s are always hard to face, aren’t they? How about a bit of lens flare to start this week? I love the summery feel of it.

Did you see the latest doubles? Ahh, so much goodness there.

I hope this is the start to a great week for you. Thanks for visiting. See you tomorrow!

August 2011 | Olympus OM-2n | Various films

august twentieth

We’re spending the night in Seattle tonight so I’m sharing photos from the trip Cal and I made back in March to celebrate my birthday. I meant to post these ages ago but you know how it goes. Better late than never, right? (I think that might be my life motto.)

It was my first time visiting the Experience Music Project. I just love that building. Frank Gehry is a genius.

Seattle center | March 6, 2011
Olympus OM-2n + 50mm 1.8 lens | Kodak Ektar 100