Hello twenty nineteen

Welcome new friend, you brand new year you. You feel like a promising new slate, like a fresh layer of snow… 

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NYC, initial musings


Large. Diverse. Work in progress. So many details. So much everything. Vibrant. More than I can contain with words. Wow. Speechless. Love.



People hang out in the streets. Like pull a chair out and sit on the sidewalk for hours or just stand in a corner or sit on a stoop. Every place outside is a public place.

People are beautiful. They also wear a fair amount of sweat pants. Everybody has an iPhone, in their hand.

Manhatten is twice as expensive to eat and drink in than Brooklyn. Brooklyn feels like Portland but with more brownstones and people of color. I love the diversity here, it’s so refreshing.

Most of the coffee here is from Portland or Seattle. (Starbucks is disgustingly everywhere, ew!)

It feels like there are fewer homeless people here than Portland.



I’ve walked more this week than I have in a long time. It’s awesome and harder than I thought it would be. My tiny little legs…getting me 7-10 miles in a day.

I’m learning the subway system. So fun and fascinating!

I still feel like I’m on west coast time and I’ve been here for a week!

I have such a feeling of possibility before me.


. all photos taken with iPhone 6+ . first afternoon here . september 25, 2015 . edited using vscocam . #nessayayvacay .

tiny beautiful things

_MG_7194_MG_7182_MG_7192_MG_7189_MG_7183 _MG_7186

People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.
―Iris Murdoch

_MG_7226 _MG_7227_MG_7234_MG_7235 _MG_7238

photographs made during a wander around Astoria in earlier this month | canon 30d | 28mm

liquid sunshine

last summer, we had four straight months with no rain. four straight months!

it was crazy, so unlike oregon. this year, we got a bit of summer showers but last year, nothing, nada, dry as a bone. so when that first rain finally came… woo-hoo! i was excited! i ran outside and started photographing it. what a gorgeous sight for this oregonian.

i was truly giddy. here is what i saw that day.















the call




“The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.”
― Mary Oliver


self-portraits from march 2013 | olympus om-2n | kodak ektar 100 film

summery bits

happy friday, folks!

Here are three fun things that I hope you enjoy!

. . .


We are spending the day at KAH-NEE-TA tomorrow! I am looking forward to spending some time in and around their pool. I’ve never stayed there but it looks like fun! :-D


I love Flickr. Honestly, I’m a bit addicted. One of the things that I love to do to get inspired is peruse MY FLICKR FAVORITES (AND OTHER PEOPLES TOO). I love how they change with the season. If you need an escape, you can live vicariously through some of my contacts vacations. How sweet is that?


Did you know that Marilyn Monroe wrote poems? I didn’t either but there is a new book out of them. Find out more about it over on BRAIN PICKINGS and read a couple of them while you’re there. Fascinating!

. . .

I hope you have a lovely summer weekend! Thanks for visiting!

Included in this post are some scenes from last summer, taken at my grandparents house. { photos made with my Olympus OM-2n 35mm film camera }

thoughts on design

One of my colleagues shared this article with me today and i loved this quote:

The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything. And I really believe that. What I try to teach young people, or anybody in any creative field, is that every idea should seemingly be outrageous.
—George Lois

a bit of an obsession

As you well know (unless this is your first time here), I love film photography. I love that it makes me stop and think and wait. It’s taught me patience in the process and trust in myself. It humbles me and, recently, it’s started hurting me. The Mamiya C33 I adore is a heavy beast. And my back… has been hurting because of it. Oh and the fact that I rarely just carry one camera around (my Mamiya doesn’t deserve all the blame). The common number of cameras I carry around is three, minimum. I try to do less but often do more. So I decided it was time to lighten things up for a bit. I decided to rely on the one camera that I always have on me… my iPhone. I upgraded last fall to the 4s primarily because of the camera capabilities (ok, I was intrigued by Siri too).

What ended up happening is that I have become somewhat obsessed with a couple of photo apps on my phone (hipstamatic, vsco cam) and instagram. I am still shooting film but not carrying the cameras around as much or maybe only one. I don’t want to double post my instagram shots so here are some of my outtakes that I shot using hipstamatic only. I really love this app. It is the closest you can get to shooting film digitally cause the process is rather similar but a lot faster and cheaper. Anyway, it’s fun to be excited about this camera. Instagram followers, I hope you aren’t getting tired of me cause I don’t see this obsession ending anytime soon. Here are some of my adventures during the last few weeks:

(i’m nessavay on instagram)

along the 101

Last weekend, we went camping near the coast in Florence, Oregon but for
one night I drove up to Newport for my best friend’s bachelorette party. It’s an hour and a half drive each way but it was very scenic since you are driving along the coast for most of it. It is also a very winding which is why it takes so long to go 50 miles.

On the way there, on Saturday, it was sunny and 80 degrees with a bit of
wind. I had all my windows down, with the sunroof open and the music blaring.
I love driving like that when the air is warm on your skin. It feels freeing. I stopped a few times to take photos, I was feeling giddy. Film photography
does that to me.

Here was the view along the way. I love driving the 101.

august thirtieth

A few months ago, I got together with some awesome flickr friends of mine and visited the Enchanted Forest in search of some photographic opportunities and some quality geek out time. It’s so fun to get together with folks that have the same passion as you do. Whatever your passion, I hope you find like-minded people to share it with cause it’s really doesn’t get better than that.

The day was rainy and overcast. We found the Forest to be a bit odd and sad. It’s an unusual place cause it recreated a lot of Disneyesque fairy tales without the actual characters. Like the seven dwarfs all had slightly different names due to Disney’s copyright. Some parts of it were fairly run down but some held up ok.

I visited there as a child and loved it. It’s amazing how my perspective of the Enchanted Forest change from child to adult. To experience something, as an adult, that you held in your mind as a glorious place, as a child, means it looses a bit of it’s luster.

Still, it was fun. The rides were great, the photo ops were all around. What more could we ask for?

Enchanted Forest | June 18, 2011
Olympus OM-2n + 50mm 1.8 lens | Kodak Max 400

. . . . .

Check out a new Words to Shoot By post! I love being a part of that project.

august eleventh

Same place as yesterday’s post, this time on slide film! Check out that color! This is more true to life.

Greenpeter Lake | August 6, 2011 | Olympus OM-2n, 28mm 3.5 | Fuji Velvia 50