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morning light

When I stepped out of my apartment one morning last week, the light in the hallway stopped me in my tracks. This is one of the things that I’ve learned from photography. In a way, it’s like sports … keep your eye on the ball. With photography, keep your eye on the light. Light is everything.

I hope you have a lovely day. It’s Friday, after all!


a beginning

I’ve been pondering blogging for quite a while but I always struggled to figure out a topic that I wanted to focus on. Recently, with my photography, I have been wanting to group photos together, to allow them to tell a story rather than stand on their own. So here I am … ready to share my photographic stories with you. I hope you enjoy them.

These three photos are from last weekend. I went out to dinner with my friends Jen and Matt at Dan & Louis Oyster Bar. It was a little rich (as in heavy cream rich) but really good.

Let’s meet here again tomorrow, shall we?