Hello twenty nineteen

Welcome new friend, you brand new year you. You feel like a promising new slate, like a fresh layer of snow… 

We are 12 days into this new year and so far I have:

  • began an intriguing new workout program: MoonRX
  • taken an instant photo more days than not (my intention is to get back to photographing my everyday life on film… but without the pressure of doing a 365. to give myself days off but to shoot something over nothing)
  • started a journal (also a low-pressure situation… to capture my thoughts before I go to bed if I feel like it–rather than being on instagram. again, shooting for more versus less but not every day)
  • worked on downsizing my instagram addiction… and being somewhat successful so far. more on that later. :)

Those are the highlights… I’m wanting to be more intentional about how I spend my time this year and who I give my attention to. And continuing my journey of self-love and self-care.

How’s your new year going so far?

image made in january 2017 near trillium lake, oregon | with my mamiya c33 and kodak ektar 100 film | scanned by the FIND lab


One thought on “Hello twenty nineteen

  1. my year is going great, so far. i love that the new year is in summer in the southern hempishere, so we start the year off with (almost) daily swims, lots of sleeping with the doors flung open and eating outdoors.

    i deleted my ig account recently, i didn’t find a lot of interaction there once they changed the way posts were presented. i lost touch with so many people and have gone back to blogging instead. i don’t feel like i am missing anything. good luck with your ig endeavours, i hope you get what you need from it and leave the rest. xx

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