the kindling within

i feel the muse stirring. i want to create. i’m brimming with ideas of new personal work. it’s exciting. i haven’t felt compelled to really create anything for myself in a long, long while, aside from a photo here and there.


i feel called to create something more complex. something that is photography plus… maybe something multimedia or filmmaking or painting or all of these things combined. and i want to write more. i have so much in my head to share. and work that i’ve never shared before to pull from, reuse, recreate maybe. i don’t know.


i just don’t want to be precious about the work anymore. i’m laying down my inner perfectionist that keeps me paralyzed (also, let’s be honest… the social media distraction plays a big part in keeping me from creating).


i feel like i’m on the cusp of something.


time to get my hands dirty. virtually and then some.


stay tuned!



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