on sharing

The funny thing about blogging is the questioning of the practice. I question that I have anything to share… to which I realize we all have something to share. To live is to share, right? We are taught it early… share, share, share. But as you age, you become self-conscious of what you share. You question everything, right down to the space and resources you use up to exist, and thereby your necessity or joy to share.


I’m tired of questioning things… I want to do more. I would rather write more, share too much, let my light shine, honor my existence than to keep shrinking back. I’ve been thinking about my online presence lately. Some parts of it are old, some I do a better job of updating but at times I neglect it all.

I’ve decided that’s all just fine. Life is a constant ebb and flow. If I want to share, I will. If I want to just be, I will. If I want to polish it all up, I’ll do that too. And if I want to keep it close, to not share… I will honor that too.

It’s all a journey, right? We can only ever share bits of it anyway. So much of it is inside of us, so much of it never gets out. I’m going to just embrace my light, photographically—of course.

I’ve also realized recently that I’ve always struggled with perfectionism related to my work and my creativity. One of the reasons I’ve loved film so much over the years is that it’s easier for me to let go of the perfect shot with film. Imperfection is more alluring with film. I found this quote recently and it helps: “Only things are perfect which are imperfect because it tells a story. It has a life.”



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