how i feel right now





fired-up to get involved




and many more emotions that don’t have words

I feel like I need to disconnect from the news and social media but I’m having a hard time controlling my compulsion to read all the things… even when they hurt or are shocking.

I will practice a media black out this weekend. I will still visit here daily but no more facebook or twitter. No more news. This is self-care. This is necessary. This is needed. It’s too much.

Instead I will listen to the voices of my friends and loved ones. I will touch the ocean. I will share more photos again here. I will share more words again here. I will lift some heavy weights and eat some delicious healthy food.

Cheers to self-care. We all need to up our quotient of it right now.




PS… In the arena of good news… I bought myself a ticket to see Louis CK when he’s in town in January. It’s a tiny little positive thing to look forward to. I’ll take it.

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