finding myself

i’ve gone through a lot of changes in the last year. it’s been tough. almost every part of my life has changed. i was unemployed for most of 2013, my relationship of almost 3 years ended, which caused me to move twice, i had to foster out my cat for 4 months (i will forever be grateful to my friend who took her in.), basically everything fell apart. i fell apart too. i’m still recovering but things are so much better.

i have a new job that i love and where i feel valued.

i have a great apartment with an awesome roommate and my sweet cat by my side again.

i love the area of town i live in, lots of things at my fingertips.

i’ve finally found a fitness routine that works for me, in a community that constantly supports and inspires me to push myself to be stronger and healthier. i’m fitter than i have been in years, maybe ever. I feel amazing.

i’ve started cooking for myself again and, goodness, i make good food. well at least I think so! all those years working in a dungeon of a kitchen are finally paying off in my day-to-day life.

but i am still not living it to my potential. i am still limiting myself. i’ve been clinging to a past that isn’t healthy, that doesn’t work for me. it’s crazy how easy it is to fall back into old habits, to do what feels comfortable, to run backwards when you should really be going forward, when you should bravely be embracing the unknown and putting yourself out there. sometimes it’s hard to ask yourself the hard questions because you know you aren’t doing everything you can be your happiest, best self.

life is amazing but also very hard. and we aren’t the easiest on ourselves, are we? today is my 35th birthday, my yearly reminder to keep my eyes forward, to march forth. let’s do this!

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