a little springtime walk

during mid april and early may, we had some damn great weather here in portland.

if you know much about our weather, you know that we are blessed with a lot of rain, (almost) all the time. so weeks of sun are rare, awesome, and also, a bit worrisome. if you have been playing attention to the weather patterns over the years, you may have noticed things, they are a-changin. and not just in portland. all over the world. i believe that global warming is much more than a figment of anyones imagination. i believe it is happening here and now. so i get concerned when we get too much sun in what is usually one of the rainier seasons we have. but at the same time, not much i can do about it when it happens other than get out and enjoy it.

and so i do. here’s a handful of images from a sunny spring time walk, on my way to meet some friends. i did not even bring a jacket, it was around 80 degrees out!







i hope you are having a lovely wednesday. thanks for visiting.

5 thoughts on “a little springtime walk

  1. All those greenery! So lovely :)

    P.S. I believe very much in global warming, too. We literally jump from winter to summer here in Taiwan, the spring months have become moments. :(

    1. You’re a film shooter! How exciting to meet you. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment. Isn’t the change in weather in the last couple years crazy? I think it’s only gonna accelerate from here. We as a society are certainly not slowing down our use of fossil fuels. Sigh.

      1. :) Nice to meet you too!

        No, we’re definitely not slowing down at all, it’s such vicious cycle. We’ve had super hot weather the past couple of days and suddenly today there was a huge rain storm with hail. It was insane!

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