the doubles project, part two

As you all know, Steph Parke and I do the doubles project, where we swap film and see what magic happens. Recently we’ve extended that project to Instagram using iPhone photos. These aren’t random, we send photos to each other and then pair them with other images we either already have or shoot to fit with them. They are a lot of fun to create. Here’s some of the ones we have done so far.









You can find us as @thedoublesproject on Instagram. If you’re on Instagram, I hope you’ll find us and follow us there.


In other news, you can find Steph and I on IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT blog today. We’re very excited to share our impossible project shots from our Idaho trip. It was truly one for the memory books.

3 thoughts on “the doubles project, part two

  1. thanks for answering the question burning in my mind as to the randomness of these. i was like ‘HOW HOW HOW is this working out for them over and over?” lol
    awesome pairs

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