hello from sunday night

i haven’t spent time here in a long while. i plan to change that.

honestly, i never know what to share here. part of me wants to get all personal and share what’s in my head, random bits and pieces even.

the other part of me wants to be more polished than that. to share just what seems all neat and right.

i guess i just need to find that balance.

i took all these autumnal images with my hasselblad and some expired film (a gift from my awesome friend steph) in my dad’s back yard in early november.

this is my grandma, i always try to sneak shots of her and my grandfather if i get a chance to when i am around them. i really prefer unposed photos, i love the honesty of an image like this. my dear sweet grandma, deep in thought.

these leaves are all gone now. just bare sticks of trees and bushes. crazy how fast nature changes. i’m always sad when all the leaves are off of a tree cause i know it will stay like that until march. spring is a long time off.

piles of leaves are everywhere lately

it’s hard to believe we are deep in the holiday season now.
i hope you all had a lovely, long thanksgiving weekend, i sure did.

lift up your eyes

well, that’s all i got for now. i’ll see you here again next week!

6 thoughts on “hello from sunday night

  1. what a poignant post.
    and yes, i am always torn between keeping it clean, simple, sterile, and sharing a little more here. i find it always safer to err on the side of the former. but i never mind when other people share…

  2. oh i need to pick up the blogging pen again. my rate is about 1 post per month right now, maybe you’ve inspired me. keep watch over the week and i’ll see!

    i love your pondering, i feel so much resonance.

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