a new appreciation

I’ve been looking through my photos a lot lately because I recently saved all my film photos to my phone. I am really enjoying having them all in my hand. It’s also making blogging easier.

These photos are from mid-January, and initially I thought them to be too dark, too boring. Now, here in almost October, I’m finally seeing their beauty.








Have you looked in your archives lately? I bet there are some jems in there.

5 thoughts on “a new appreciation

  1. Oh, I have so many unshared film photos in my archive from the past year. I don’t know why I haven’t been uploading them. But I might have to go through the archives now. Thanks for the inspiration, Vanessa!

  2. Awesome! That top one is my favorite. I really love the natural, dark colors. Definitely always good to go back and see what you missed, because some photos do take time to grow in value.

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