behind the scenes

one of the perks of being a graphic designer (well, i consider it one) is being able to get behind the scenes at a print shop. i shot these photos back in april when we did a tour for my work. i always meant to share them here so since i am trying to catch up on my 366 that i post to flickr… why not post the rest of them here too?

this is looking inside the digital press… i loved seeing all the ink.

april 11

a digital press is a rather complex machine…

this is a bigger, more standard press…

so much paper. i love the smell and feel of it.

binder waste… fun to see it in action.

they had a letterpress on hand too. so cool!

the light was a bit low so i had a hard time with theses, hence a bit of blur here and there. i wanted to take so many more photos but felt a bit conspicuous with my big camera.

All photos here were shot with my Mamiya C33 on April 10, 2012.


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