meet my newest muse

A couple of weekends ago, I bought one of my dream cameras (yes, there are many).

I have been pining over this camera for at least the last year. I had no plans on buying it yet. I thought at some point in the future… yes, definitely… but!… a random reviewing of craigslist lead to the purchase.

The Hasselblad 500 c/m is a gorgeous camera. I am really having fun with it. I thought I would share my whole first test roll with you here, in sequential order. This roll solidified my decision to buy it. I love the way it captures light. And oh that ektar! Always a joy to shoot.

more from my test roll


August 8

The first photo was made with my iPhone 4s using the Hipstamatic app on August 11, 2012. The rest of the images here were made with my Hasselblad 500 c/m using Kodak Ektar 100 film on August 8, 2012.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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