flickr friend meet-up

Earlier this month, I spent an evening with some Flickr friends, wandering about industrial Southeast Portland and shooting some instant film (well, we shot whatever we felt like really). We got lucky with some gorgeous light and may have partaken in a bit of trespassing (in the name of art, of course). We had a blast and ended the evening with some cocktails and a bit of food. Here’s the evening from my POV. You can also see it in KIM‘s blog post HERE.

I am working on taking more people photos so I made a point to take portraits of everyone in the group. You can find links to there flickrstreams under their portraits.

I took this opportunity to shoot a lot of instant film, including some that I am less familiar with since I had some POLAROID EXPERTS in the group. I choose to shoot IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT PX 70 in my Polaroid 600 since all my recent shots with it in my SX-70 were blowing out. I figured that the faster speed of the camera might work better. I was right but, unfortunately, had some bad pod issues. I think it’s the batch, since it’s happened to multiple packs that I bought at the same time. I am including them anyway cause I think they turned out kinda cool. You will notice I left the borders on them. The rest of the shots are borderless.

The other two films I shot with were IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT PZ 600 UV+ and Fujifilm FP-100c, both of which I totally adore and highly recommend.

It’s time for the photos to speak for themselves. Here they are, in the order that I took them.





Industrial SE Portland | July 6, 2012 | Polaroid Colorpack II, Polaroid Spectra & Polaroid 600 with Fuji FP-100c, PZ 600 UV+ & PX 70 Color Shade (respectively)

6 thoughts on “flickr friend meet-up

  1. These photos are great Vanessa! I real-life OMG’ed at John being a creeper in that first shot of me! Hah!! Had so much fun with you guys, can’t wait for our next photo date!!

  2. As I commented on Kim’s post, it makes me ache to wish I lived near you guys and could have joined the party. Such fun. And god, such a significant reminder not to let me Flickr community sit aside for so long. I learned to take photographs because of flickr, i really did.

    1. I wish you lived near us too. Next time you visit portland, give us a heads up and we will make a special photo date around you. Wouldn’t that be a kick?

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