hello summer

I’m not sure how many more years this will be true but for my whole life (33 years and counting), summer has started on July 5. I know that summer actually starts on June 20 but here in Oregon, June is a month of very spring time weather. Lots of rain, then random days of sunshine… good weather is very undependable in June. And July 4 can go either way… we got totally lucky this year and had a truly gorgeous day yesterday. But without fail, it’s nice today. Until global warming messes with our NW weather, I stand by this statement. July 5 is the first day of summer, people.

I hope you guys are enjoying some sunshine, wherever you are. Hopefully, not hiding from it! This is my favorite time of year! Yay, summer!

I’ll be back here tomorrow! See you then.

One thought on “hello summer

  1. Man, it is soooo true!! Every year I’ve lived in Portland the first 2 weeks of June have been rainy. Our first summer here it was like a whole month of torrential downpour. But July, you can always count on it to bring the sunshine, and the heat will last well into Fall, too. <3

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