tidbits of inspiration

happy friday, folks!

i love how all of these meters use different typefaces and designs for the same information. i would’ve thought this stuff was standardized. { photo made with iPhone using Hipstamatic and Diptic apps }

i’m very excited for the long weekend (yay for memorial day). it looks like it’s gonna be a beautiful one and we may even get out of town for a bit. Eek!

Do you guys remember my double exposure project with Steph Parke? Well, we have some awesome news and a new roll to share. We’re excited to get back into it.

.  .  .

both of my brother’s got married in hawaii (at different times) so i have spent a bit of time there and i have determined that Kauai is the best island to visit. i just love the pace of life there and the beauty of the island, not to mention the variety of the terrain. it just has so much to offer. so when i came upon this lovely blog post, i was happily transported back there.

one of my colleagues shared this blog post with me about a derelic communist building in bulgaria. it’s called the buzludzha. do take the time to read it. the photos are amazing but the story is even better. i love architecture and abandoned buildings so it’s right up my alley.

I have been a fan of the blog A Cup of Jo for many years.
One of her newer features is Motherhood Mondays. I love the questions she poses and answers. I don’t think you can find them anywhere else. Like… how much did the tooth fairy leave for you? your children? or one last mother’s day {this one made me cry}.

 .  .  .

{ photo made with my iPhone 4s using the hipstamatic app }

have a great weekend, friends!!

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