tidbits of interest

hello again! last week, i started a new weekly feature here on three winks. i’m calling it tidbits of {fill-in-the-blank}. after all, i need something to break up my 366 posts. or at least i feel like i do. so here is the deal. i ramble on a bit about anything i feel is worthy {or nothing} and then share three fun things. then off we go into the weekend. it’s like a weekly wrap up but not really. oh and, of course, there will be 1-3 photos of mine too. so here we go!

.  .  .

i just found this awesome blog called sprk. it is beautifully designed and so inspiring. here are a two posts that I thought were rad: hipster branding + save food from the refrigerator.

i’m a big fan of shanna murray’s illustration style and she has some new decals out! i am contemplating a purchase for our new apartment. check them out here.

My talented friend Kim has taken the plunge into instant photography. I love her initial results!

 .  .  .

TOP: shot with my Mamiya C33, we all need a bit of blue sky in our lives, right? BOTTOM: iphone {hipstamatic} shot taken while crossing the Hawthorne bridge. I love the colors of this.

have a great weekend!


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