a bit of an obsession

As you well know (unless this is your first time here), I love film photography. I love that it makes me stop and think and wait. It’s taught me patience in the process and trust in myself. It humbles me and, recently, it’s started hurting me. The Mamiya C33 I adore is a heavy beast. And my back… has been hurting because of it. Oh and the fact that I rarely just carry one camera around (my Mamiya doesn’t deserve all the blame). The common number of cameras I carry around is three, minimum. I try to do less but often do more. So I decided it was time to lighten things up for a bit. I decided to rely on the one camera that I always have on me… my iPhone. I upgraded last fall to the 4s primarily because of the camera capabilities (ok, I was intrigued by Siri too).

What ended up happening is that I have become somewhat obsessed with a couple of photo apps on my phone (hipstamatic, vsco cam) and instagram. I am still shooting film but not carrying the cameras around as much or maybe only one. I don’t want to double post my instagram shots so here are some of my outtakes that I shot using hipstamatic only. I really love this app. It is the closest you can get to shooting film digitally cause the process is rather similar but a lot faster and cheaper. Anyway, it’s fun to be excited about this camera. Instagram followers, I hope you aren’t getting tired of me cause I don’t see this obsession ending anytime soon. Here are some of my adventures during the last few weeks:

(i’m nessavay on instagram)


8 thoughts on “a bit of an obsession”

  1. these are lovely, vanessa. i’m glad you are giving your body a break. i love film so much too but digital and iphone is much cheaper. and as long as you are happy with the results, that is all that matters. have fun with it!

  2. Those look good, Vanessa!
    I’m sorry to hear about your back! Maybe you should have a Mamiya day and a 35mm day? Or hire an assistant…
    I realized I don’t even know what other camera you have besides the Mamiya!

    1. I have a lot of them. The ones I use the most is the Mamiya, Polaroid Spectra, Polaroid Colorpack II, and my olympus om-2n but I have ~17 cameras total. I have a list of them on my flickr profile actually. I think I need a new camera bag that is more supportive but until then… I am trying to keep the load lighter. Thanks, Anne!

  3. These are really cool.
    What is going on in the 3rd picture from the top. It has a eery fractal quality to it and then there is the ghost image that looks kind of like a flame? I am having a hard time taking my eyes off of it and I can’t understand the attraction. There is like a liquidness to it?

    1. Hi Imran! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet. The photo that you are referring to was taken at the Japanese garden so the “ghost” is a koi fish and the other parts of the image are reflections of branches and me and josh peering into the pond. i can see how it may be a bit of a mystery though! :-D

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