it’s petal time, people.

i haven’t done a non-365 blog post here in a while. i’ve been posting on flickr still but i feel like i am neglecting this space and i don’t like it.

inspired by my friend, jeremy… here are a couple more spring, petal power shots. i can’t stop taking photos of flowers. it’s like a sickness. a really pleasant sickness. haha!

this town is always green… it’s either grass or moss. luckily, green is always an inspiring color to see.

the sun has started coming out more and more… i can’t help but point my camera upward. with all these blooming trees, add blue skies and sunshine. i think i’m in heaven. and i am so glad for the break in the rain. it’s been outta control, people.

falling softly

i hope you are soaking up this spring time love.
don’t forget to gander at all the new life around you.

it’s everywhere.

march 23

6 thoughts on “it’s petal time, people.

  1. Haha, yeah out of control is the best description you could find for the rain these days. The last two photos are stunning, Vanessa!

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