let’s be honest

i’m feeling a bit worn out lately. my emotions are raw, i am easily affected. i am doing my best to barrel through it. some days are better than others, some worse. i really yearn for a vacation yet see none on the horizon. i know this will pass.

it’s really not as bad as i am making it. but i think it’s important to honor how you feel.

i want to do that more in this space. so expect it.

expect more moments like this. it’s one of the ways i have been yearning to grow this place of mine. maybe it will help me  to understand myself better.

a photo and a couple words. what’s more honest than that?

this post was inspired by lecia and rachel. i love how they share their thoughts along with a couple of beautiful photos. they share pieces of their everyday lives, eloquently and honestly. thanks, ladies, you are both an inspiration to me.


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