january stills

now that i am doing the 366 project, everything that I don’t post as THAT day’s photo is an outtake. It’s weird, actually, cause now the majority of photos i take each day are to check the project off my daily to-do list.

i usually shoot at least three frames a day with the mamiya. i can’t help but get carried away sometimes though. so i thought I would share some january “outtakes”! after all, sometimes it’s really hard to choose.

these were outtakes from the second and third weeks of january:


oh sunshine...

in hope of spring



4 thoughts on “january stills”

  1. These are fabulous, Vanessa! I love that one with the strand of lights. I have a thing for electric lights. And that one at the bar where the frames merged is incredible. You should show that to the bar. They could use that as an ad :-)

  2. I love these photos and I know what you mean. I start walking the streets in Portland and I can easily go through a whole roll of film in my Hasselblad in one afternoon. But isn’t it wonderful?

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