week three :: project 366

you can click-through each photo to see more notes about said photo & day. all were taken with my Mamiya c33. it rules.

sunday, january 15
january 15

monday, january 16
january 16

tuesday, january 17
january 17

wednesday, january 18
january 18

thursday, january 19
january 19

friday, january 20
january 20

saturday, january 21
january 21


I’m a bit behind on posting my 366 over here. I am also a bit behind on blogging. It’s been a really busy year for me so far and I had no plans to neglect this site but hey, life happens, right? I hope to get back on track soon. I do have things to share… Like outtakes from the 366, lots of digital (yeah, I’ve been feeling the digital camera lately. Crazy?!) and a handful of instant. I need to shoot more instant, for sure. I have many a couple new cameras to try out too. Like this one:

donald duck camera!!!

The Mamiya has pretty much stole the show lately. I’m continually amazed what this camera can do and I love shooting with it everyday.

I’ll be back soon. Especially with week 4 of this still new year we are in. Yay!

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