week two :: project 366

you can click-through each photo to see more notes about each photo+day. all except for one {noted} were taken with my mamiya c33. it rules.

january 8
sunday, january 8: a lazy day culminated in an evening walk. then back into my cocoon.

monday, january 9: {an instagram shot} cause I haven’t been shooting with my 35mm much and it will probably be a while before i get the roll that is in it developed so I am using this photo instead. You know… another rainy and dark winter night in Portland. Living the dream, people!

january 10
tuesday, january 10: a busy day at work… lead to a quick lunch time photo of what remains of autumn.

january 11
wednesday, january 11: on my way back from lunch this unusual building caught my eye. looks like a sweet place to live. also, sunny days like these make me happy.

january 12
thursday, january 12: happy birthday to my friend and coworker, darcie! my office mates celebrate appropriately.

january 13
friday, january 13: friday the 13th! eek! (hahaha!)

january 14
saturday, january 14: ladies night out! woot!

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