have you ever been crabbing?

i have.


i didn’t catch anything myself.

my boyfriend and a couple of friends of ours spent two days at it. they caught 39 crabs (well, those are the ones they kept) over those two days. they actually caught probably a couple of hundred crabs but you have to throw them back if they are female or less than a certain size.

i only joined them for about an hour at the end of their trip so i just shot photos of the experience.

i can tell you, it’s a tough job.

pulling up pots, searching through them and pulling out the small crabs (which are most of the catch) and trying to not get bit.

hopefully you are wearing gloves. especially since it’s probably overcast and chilly out. but also cause those crabs know how to pinch!

and its smelly work. turns out, crabs like to eat stinky old meat.

still, it’s fun being in the boat… to see the crabs… don’t you love how they move sideways? and their tiny little eyes. and their pretty colored shells. crabs are kind of adorable actually (once you get past that whole pinching thing)!

funny little creatures they are. tasty little creatures too. hehe!


so… word on the street is… i got a print shop all open for business and stuff.

true that, true that.

so go give it a gander. grab something up if you like it. or drop me a note if there is something specific you are looking for that you don’t see over there. i am happy to do custom orders.

cheers, friends. hope to see you around this ole place soon.

thanks for stopping by!


11 thoughts on “have you ever been crabbing?”

  1. I have, I have! Crabbing is fun. :o) I love these pictures! I think you captured the essence of going out for the day in a beautiful way. (I wasn’t trying to rhyme, I swear.) What kind of camera/film did you use?

  2. Love the tonal quality of your images. Mind if I ask what film you’re using? The Kodak NC was great, but they discontinued it. From one Oregonian to another – you captured the feel of it perfectly.

    1. Thank you! What a lovely compliment. I used Ektar 100 for these. It’s an amazing film, you should try it. Another one I am loving right now is Kodak Gold 200. I’m a big fan of slower speed films.

  3. I think this has to be one of my most favoritest posts from you yet. I love EVERY photo here. Wow. And yes, I do love how crabs walk sideways! Actually, sometimes our cats get freaked out, arch their back and run sideways — we always call it “crab walking.”

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