the best kind of mail

Last week, I got a new camera in the mail. My awesome friend Emily texted me awhile back asking me if I wanted a Polaroid 101 and I immediately responded with a YES!!!

While I knew it was coming, I was so excited when I opened the box it came in. It’s a lovely machine, in amazing condition, with the original instruction manual. I immediately posted this photo on instagram cause I just had to share my excitement.

And I started to take it apart to see what I needed to do to get it working and how to work it (the manual was a big help). I quickly learned I needed a new battery, which the internet claimed difficult to find. So I put a call out to my photo friends and found out that I could get the battery at almost any photo store in town (whew!) or I could get it modified to take 3 AA’s (also locally). I love my photo friends, they’re all so helpful. So off I went to get supplies… and here are my best shots from my first pack of film through the camera.

I started shooting almost immediately after leaving Pro Photo Supply. Seriously, folks, I could barely contain myself and I was excited to see what this baby could do!

This last one I took in the afternoon the following day. It turned out nothing like I was hoping for but I still like it. I have to learn the limits of this new tool and this is how you do it.

What I did learn from this pack of film is that it’s a great camera and it’s in amazing shape. The colors in the film are so vibrant, the focus is lovely. I can’t wait to put another pack through it.

A huge thank you to my dear friend Emily. This is one of the best gifts I have ever received.


I’m nessavay on instagram if you would like to following me there.

10 thoughts on “the best kind of mail

  1. Oooh! The second shot is totally my fave — looks like it was taken in some enchanted orchard, something about that light! What a great friend to give you such a fine camera!

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