let’er buck! (part two)

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the Pendleton Round-up. Let’s finish that story, shall we? The moment I saw this roll developed I thought rodeo’s should always be shot in black & white. Don’t you think?

Maybe it’s that it gives it that wild west feel. Maybe it’s just that black & white film is epicly awesome. Maybe it’s both.

Fashion-wise, Pendleton is a whole different world. I actually bought boots and a hat to fit in. I love this guy’s overalls and peacock feather in his hat. A true country man if I ever saw one. He also looked like he could be Kris Kringle in the right outfit. Ha.

There was this one event where the cowboys had to chase down a cow with their horse, hold it still and milk it. The first guy to get a certain amount of milk won. It was actually really silly to watch.

There were tons of other people shooting the event too. So many long lenses. I had moments of envy but was happy overall that my 50mm was so easy to carry with me.

There was a collision at one point. A couple of folks got hurt and we thought that maybe one of the horses broke a leg but in the end they all were ok. It definitely got a bit scary. We were relieved that nothing catastrophic happened.

I really love their logo. It’s so lovely and fitting and classically simple.

The (in)famous Let’er Buck Room was crazy. All hard liquor, people getting drunk and eyeing you, sometimes trying to grab you. It has a crazy history. I thought it was funny when I first got there and there were signs that said “KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON” but honestly, things got a bit scandalous towards the end of the rodeo. I tell you, Country folks know how to party. They out-partied me by a lot!

The native americans put on a show too. It was cool to see all the traditional outfits. It was clear that it was a show and not really their way of life anymore. Made me a little sad to see the culture dying in a way. It was also beautiful to see.

Oh how I loved the tepees that surrounded the stadium. So cool to see they’re still using them. I want to stay in one.

Anyway, overall it was a blast. We lived it up. I am really glad I went. It was a fascinating cultural experience. May just have to do it again next year!

What are your thoughts about rodeos? Do you think they are barbaric? Or kinda cool? I’m undecided but I can’t help but enjoy the spectacle.

3 thoughts on “let’er buck! (part two)

  1. My hometown has a rodeo every August. I always enjoy seeing it, but like you said, I too am undecided on whether or not I should enjoy it. These photos are all so gorgeous! I love the ones of the old man with the cowboy hat.

  2. Dude, what Jasmine said! That hit the nail on the head. Though I feel slightly more “okay” with zoos because they seem to somewhat hold the animal’s interests at heart (nevermind every zoo I’ve ever been to where the animals look like they’ve given up on life completely. Yikes!), whereas a rodeo is like 100% against their will and they’re exploited purely for our enjoyment. Oops, I’m a buzzkill. =X

    And yes please on the black & white front! I love the top and bottom shot of the man in overalls, but my absolute fave is the very last one. Those teepees are way awesome.

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