let ‘er buck!

Hi friends!

Long time no blog. I guess I needed a break, an unexpected one. Nothing happened really, I just haven’t feel like posting. But let’s put that behind us now, shall we? Let’s get back to the picture show. I promised rodeo shots and I’m here to deliver.

Have you heard of the Pendleton Round-up? It’s actually a bit of a historical Oregon tradition. It’s been happening yearly for a 101 years. Pretty amazing, huh? This is the West, after all, and it’s still a bit Wild. (Dorky, I know. I couldn’t help myself!)

They had a parade before things got started. Aren’t these old wagons great?

And off we go! Check out the colorful starting pens.

Occasionally, a horse got loose and things had to stop until they got it under control again.

That’s Ms. Rodeo Oregon. I liked her hat!

The people-watching was just as entertaining as the rodeo.

This was my first time. The weather was amazing. Warm and sunny the whole time. Could not have asked for better weather.

I shot a roll of B&W while I was there. So this rodeo tour ain’t over yet, cowboys and girls. See you again soon. Thanks for visiting!

(this is my 101st post! whoa!)

One thought on “let ‘er buck!

  1. Can you believe I’ve never been to Round Up? My work was the 100th anniversary concert sponsor last year and gave out free tickets, but of course they were grabbed up before I could snag two. Have you done the underground tour there? I did it as a kid and thought it was pretty cool. Not sure if 27 year-old Whitney would feel the same though.

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