out of a rock

Hi folks,

I’m trying out a new look here on the blog. I’ve been wanting to move to a white template for a while but had trouble finding the right one. I am still tinkering with this one a bit so there maybe be more updates. I guess you could say it’s under construction. Let me know what you think!

Here are a couple of shots from my day with Steph Parke back in July. We stopped a lot as we traversed the coast. This time we stopped just to take shots of this tree growing out of a rock.

There were some ladies there making paintings of the scene. While I felt like it was too forward to take a photo of their canvases, I had no problem asking to take a photo of their tools.

I love painter’s palettes. They tell lovely stories.

Well, friends, I will be back here on friday with that Rodeo post I have been promising you. And possibly a bit of exciting news to share?! See you then. Thanks for stopping by!


To see more photos from this day, click on the tag my day with Steph Parke below.

10 thoughts on “out of a rock

  1. Viva la white backgrounds! Hah! The site looks great, Vanessa! L-O-V-E the pictures of the painter’s tools. So beautiful. Can’t wait to hear what this exciting news is…

  2. i’m sure your palette picture was way more interesting than the paintings. love it. not sure about the white, I like photos on black, they really jump off. i sometimes wish flickr would let me show my pictures that way.

    1. I hear you, Chris. I just wanted a lighter space here. Maybe it’s living in the basement apartment but I’ve been craving a white background here. And you never know, I might go back to black next year or gray! Gotta keep moving, changing, evolving.

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