I see stars

On Labor Day, Cal and I spent a little bit of time exploring the Florence Jetty.

It was an overcast day but not cold.

We love to explore places together and talk about what we see. Sometimes he helps me see more than I normally would. I am an overly cautious person (I really don’t like getting physically hurt) and a bit of a scaredy cat and he is thrilled by adventure and unafraid of getting hurt. It’s kind of perfect actually, we watch out for each other in totally different ways.

So I, of course, initally protested all the rock hopping and climbing that he wanted to do but he patiently coaxed me into it all.

As we got closer to the beach we noticed that the jetty was a rather happy place for a lot of sealife.

I have never seen so many starfish in my life. Seriously.

Everytime I visit the coast, I make sure to get in at least one visit to the beach. It seems ridiculous since we spent three full days only about a mile from a place like this. There is always so much to do at the coast that you have to make a point to get up close and personal with the ocean.

But it’s always worth it.


4 thoughts on “I see stars”

  1. Wooooow, I love this blog entry. The photos are so beautiful, especially the close-ups of the sea creatures (I love the colors in the shell photos), with their muted tones and by-the-coast ambience. But, what I also love is the story :-) What a wonderful story of the two of you complimenting each other’s personality so well. And the adventure paid off, because of all the photos! Spectacular.

  2. Tide pools = insta-love. This post makes me sad that I didn’t visit the coast once this summer. What the heck! Oh well, at least I can live vicariously through all your amazing summer fun! :)

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