summer in the city

Here in Portland, we have had the hottest part of our summer in these early days of September. It finally got up into the 90s. I’m grateful for the heat even though it wears on me. What is summer without a few nights where it’s so hot you can barely sleep, where only a sheet with do (if that)?

After a glorious few months of 70 and 80 degree days… we need those 90s to get us through the next few months. To make us a tiny bit sick of the heat.

Now I feel ready for the coolness ahead. Bring it, Autumn.

Tom McCall Waterfront Park | September 7, 2011
Olympus OM-2n | Kodak Tri-X 400


2 thoughts on “summer in the city”

  1. I’m so with you! All summer I couldn’t stop talking about how lucky we’d got – this year the season was so mild I never wanted it to end! But once we hit those peak days I was over it and ready for Fall to come to town (judging by yesterday’s weather I think I got my wish!).

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