long weekends rule

Every weekend should be three days long. Somebody needs to legislate it, don’t you think? Come on, politicians!

I’m a lucky girl who is on her second long weekend in a row.

Can you believe that I still have more Timothy Lake photos to share? This is what happens when you shoot four rolls of 35mm + a roll of peel-apart in three days. (Not to mention the digital shots. I probably won’t share them here, I usually don’t!) It was so beautiful… how could I not?

We are at the coast this weekend… more camping but also I’ll be celebrating my best friend at her bachelorette party for one night. It will be nice to spend some time with my girlfriends… it’s been a while. I am also looking forward to listening to that glorious ocean and feeling the sand beneath my toes.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends! I’ll see you back here on Tuesday.


Those berries in the second photo were salmonberries. Cal climbed down and picked them for us. I love how he found a rock to gather them on. They were delicious. Thanks, honey!


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