august sixth

From my day at the coast with the amazing Steph Parke. I’ve got a whole lot more to share from that day. I shot three rolls of 35, 1.25 rolls of 120 and about 40 instant shots (most of which I shared during ‘roid week). We had a blast.

Purple flowers that I can’t remember the name of | July 11, 2011
Olympus OM-2n + 50mm 1.8 lens | Kodak Portra 400


5 thoughts on “august sixth”

  1. They’re foxgloves! My favorite flower ever, really. Named back in the day ‘cos they were said to be “folk’s gloves” (aka gloves that fairies, or “folks” would wear). Also, some species in the Digitalis family are INCREDIBLY toxic – in Scotland and thereabouts they’re called Bloody Fingers and Dead Man’s Bells. In theory, a deep inhalation of the wrong kind of foxglove could give you a heart attack. Like, literally!

    I think that’s probably why I love them so much. They’re so beautiful, but so complex. Definitely more than meets the eye!

    1. Thanks, Kim! I couldn’t remember their name to save my life. I love the story you shared. I had no idea they have such a storied history. Did you know that aspargus was originally named Sparrow’s Grass and over time people ran the words together until it became asparagus? I love stories like these.

      1. I did NOT know that! Oh man. I don’t normally use this phrase but, seriously? Tidbits like these are seriously my JAM! I live for them. Now I can’t wait til the next time I buy asparagus so I can pass the knowledge on. Thanks. :)

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