under construction

I have special treat for you today!

Thanks to my awesome boyfriend, I have behind-the-scenes access to McMenamins Crystal Hotel, which is currently under construction and due to open for business on May 3.

I have a fascination for buildings in general but a construction zone?! My photographic heart goes pitter-patters at the thought. The cool thing about a construction zone is that it’s alive. It is a constantly evolving place where every day it’s in a different state. It’s interesting to see how things are built… glimpsing at the bones of the building and all the cool industrial tools that go into making them… this is just cool stuff in my book. To give you a little background, my father was a commercial appraiser and growing up we used to spend weekends going through houses in various forms of completion. So now you see how buildings are somewhat of a childhood fascination for me.

This specific building has quite a history (see the McMenamins website for more details) and it’s a triangular building to boot. They are saving the character and charm of the building too. It’s nice to see how much effort and work is going into restoring the building. If any other company had bought it, they likely would have probably tore it down and started fresh. I am so happy that McMenamins bought it cause it’s a really cool space. I just know it is gonna be a hot place to stay here in Portland.

I feel lucky to have this opportunity to see this building evolve these past couple months. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished. Until it is, I plan on taking more photos of this very alive and constantly evolving building. So stay tuned!

A big thank you to the folks at McMenamins for giving me the clearance to post these.


8 thoughts on “under construction”

  1. These are great – some of your best, I think. It really catches that childhood magic…especially with the contrast of materials, light and bokeh. Really excellent stuff…sounds like life’s going rather well at the moment? :)

  2. Beautiful photos, Nessa. I love the ones with the lights. Maybe I will stay there when I visit this summer.

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