happy accident

After I finished this roll, I accidentally wound the film the wrong way and it tore off the canister. I was in a panic, as I was in Seattle on a mini-vacation and already late for meeting up with a friend. So I took a deep breath and went into a closet and pulled out the film then frantically made a hodge-podge semi-dark container to keep it in until I got home. At that point, I buried it in my bags and just hoped that I hadn’t ruin the whole roll. I ended up getting 18 out of 24 shots. Not too shabby.

But, the best part? Look at those gorgeous light leaks. Happy accident, for sure.

4 thoughts on “happy accident

  1. Nice! I love happy accidents like this. Like when you accidentally double expose a roll, and then you get a few shots that are totally awesome on accident! BTW, where do you get your film processed?

    1. Thanks, Camille! I’m a bit ashamed to say I usually get it processed at Fred Meyer. But this roll I had done at Pro Photo as a develop only and then I scanned it myself. In the state it was in, I didn’t feel like FM would handle it correctly. I also have my b&w done by Pro Photo. I would use them more but it gets too expensive.

      1. See, I wanted to just have my film developed and then scan my negatives til I realized my home printer/copier/scanner that I thought was da bomb does not scan negatives. I’ve tried every trick in the book and it just does not work. I used to have a day job where a super nice scanner was available to me, I must have gotten spoiled.

        So now I’m looking for a place that will develop and do digital scans for me, I guess. I really want a good scanner of my own someday. Add it to the list I guess! :)

      2. FM does developing and scans only for about $6 a roll. At Pro Photo it’s $13 for the same thing. I don’t see a huge difference so I go the cheaper route. I use the neg scanner at my work if I have to but scanning takes so long. It’s nice to make the choices myself but I don’t have the time to devote to it. Maybe if I had a scanner at home… :)

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